Intergalactic Torch Song

"I won’t attempt to conceal my awe for this amazing full length and long awaited follow up to STE's ‘Vortex Flower’ debut of 2000 because it really is a goodie bag packed full of mystery, turbulence and fascinating dramatics. Co-Produced by the legendary Sandy Pearlman, ‘The Intergalactic Torch Song’ is one of those rare treats that refuses to kowtow to fashion fads, instead it displays throughout its duration a positively bewildering spectacle of accomplished musicianship that mixes high art with crafted invention, those that swoon to the timeless melodies of such luminaries as Dead Can Dance, This Mortal Coil, Cocteau Twins and for that matter any number of early 4AD releases will gush with sentiment at the towering tempestuous and elegiac rings that this album sounds." -Mark Barton, Losing Today (UK)

"Prasad channels the high priestess of poetic punk drama, Patti Smith, but Prasad's spirit shines brighter than any other." - Patrick Casey, Westword 2003 (CO)

"Myshel Prasad has a fantastic voice. It's not pop diva pretty. It's striking. It's unique. It will stick with you throughout the day." South of Mainstream (GA)

The latest recording from Space Team is wildest and least inhibited to date... This torch glows." -Michael Roberts, Westword (CO)

Also check out reviews of Intergalactic and Vortex Flower in Finland's Psychotropic Zone at: (I love this site). Special thanks to Monique van Doorn.

Vortex Flower

"Prasad's lyrics are astounding, and stand on their own as incredible emotional views." - Steve Cruz of Out Front Colorado

"A meadow land and minefield, with elements of Cocteau Twins , Smashing Pumpkins, and Velvet Underground." - Andi Stubbs of Denver Live

"'Luminous Crush' is one of the most outstanding songs ever recorded by a Colorado band." - The Onion

"Myshel was arresting . . . her clear rich vocals were spellbinding." - SxSW review by Micheal Mehle of The Denver Rocky Mountain News

" . . . the band puts on a show that is both seamless and passionate, In the live setting Space Team Electra is Magnetic." - Gregory D'Avis of The Boulder Planet

"The guitar powered grooves straddle, drone and drive in a melodic narco-haze very heavy on the deep purples and midnight blues. The indigo-hued approach . . . has proved an effective method of leaving audiences spellbound." - Jeff Statton of Boulder Weekly

"Myshel Prasad has developed into a utterly mesmerizing presence." - Michael Roberts of Westword


"Space Team Electra does more than reward repeated listens; It demands them." - Michael Roberts of Westword

"Lyrics are poetic without being pretentious. An all around good time." - Music & Media Dispatch " . . . creates an edgy chaos that surges mysteriously beneath the melodic surface of what are, simply, great songs." - Sid Davis of Pulp Magazine